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Fleming Island 18-Hole Anytime League



  • 12-week league 
  • 2-Person Scramble
  • Stableford Scoring
  • 10% OFF Every Round - regardless if used for the league score or not!
  • Play as much as you would like and submit your BEST score
  • Players will be flighted based off of 3-week scoring average


  • Entry Fee is $60 per player
  • Participants will receive a $30 Gift Card and a Fleming Island Hat at the time of purchase
  • The winning team at the conclusion of the “Tournament of Champions” will receive complimentary 1-month golf membership and $100 each in Gift Cards that can be used across the facility.
  • Top Place in each flight paid out at the end of the series


  • Fees valid from April 10, 2023 – June 2, 2023. Prices are valid for all rounds played at Fleming Island, regardless if the score is used for league play!
  • Discounted League Rates as Follows: 10% off your round ANYTIME


  • The league will start on Monday, April 10, 2023 and will run through Saturday, June 1, 2023. The final week of play will be shortened to allow for the playoffs and Tournament of Champions to be played on June 2, 2023. The schedule allows for 12 weeks of play. League weeks will reset each Sunday Morning. Tee times are required. 
  • Teams may play league rounds “ahead” up to 2 weeks. You may not make-up league rounds once the week has passed. This ensures leaderboard is accurate at the conclusion of each week!


  • Format & Tees: Format is a 2-person Scramble. Each player hits a tee shot. The best shot is selected and both players hit one shot from that point. This process is continued until the ball is holed, or max number of strokes is reached (double bogey). Through the green, the ball may be moved up to one club length no nearer to the hole. The ball may not be moved from rough to fairway or onto the fringe of the green, from fringe to green, or from a hazard. Tees are as follows:
  • Men: Blue or White
  • Men 65+: Green Tees
  • Women: Red Tees
  • Special Rules of Golf
    • Out of bounds, all water features, natural areas, tall grasses, and wooded areas may be played as a lateral hazard with a one stroke penalty assessed 
    • Maximum Score Per Hole: the max score any team may record on any hole is DOUBLE BOGEY
  • League Scoring Handicap: Each team will have a handicap. Handicaps will be established based on scores from the first 3 scheduled rounds. This team handicap will be used to determine hole by hole net score for the team and ultimately points awarded per hole and for the round.
  • Scoring System: Stableford System utilizing net score per hole as determined by team handicap. Points are based upon gross scramble score per hole. Each playing group is responsible for posting their scores in the Golf Genius app. Please ask for Layne in the Pro Shop if you have any trouble with using the app. Fleming Island will not accept scores in the Pro Shop to post!
    • Hole in One: 10 Points
    • Double Eagle: 6
    • Eagle: 4 Points
    • Birdie: 3 Points
    • Par: 2 Points
    • Bogey or Worse: 1 Point
  • Substitutions: Subs are not allowed, except on a permanent basis (original player has been injured, moved away, etc.)
  • Flights: League will be evenly divided into flights utilizing scoring average after the first 3 weeks of play. Once established, flights are set for the remainder of the league.
  • Scores: All scores in this league will be submitted via Golf Genius, the software and app used to control this league. All scores must be posted by Sunday night at 8:00pm for that week. Scoring will close at that point and will not be reopened. It is the sole responsibility of the player to input their score.


  • Results will be available in the Golf Genius app. This app will be used for up-to date leaderboards and scoring throughout the entirety of the league season


  • At the conclusion of 12 weeks of play, the top spots in each flight will be invited to compete in a head-to-head match play tournament to determine the Champion of Champions.


  • June 2, 2023: Tournament of Champions
  • June 2, 2023: Year-End Extravaganza (open to all league players, spots limited)
  • All players, regardless of standings will be invited to the final banquet. Dinner and additional prizes will be available! Spots will be limited so plan to sign up early.
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