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Warm Up 


A one-player game mode with a training mode that allows guests to hone their skills by offering data based on the ball flight. Great for: The statistician and the avid golfer.

  • Carry Distance — How far the ball traveled in the air

  • Total Distance — How far the ball traveled with the virtual roll

    • Ball Speed — How fast the ball was going
    • Launch Angle — The angle the balls leave the hitting surface Height — The apex of the ball flight
    • Side Deviation — How much curve the ball has from start to finish
    • Landing Angle — Angle of the ball flight when it hits the ground
    • Hang Time — How long the ball is in the air
    • Distance to the Target — How far away from the nearest target the ball lands

My Practice 


Designed to show club-specific statistics and record them to the goffer's history on the Toptracer phone app. Great for: Beginners and players looking to improve and learn more.

  • Club Selection — Woods, Hybrids, Irons, and Wedges. Target Selection — Go to the "Range Map" and click on the target you would like to aim at as your center.
  • Follow onscreen instructions (hit 5 shots) and total will be calculated.
  • Change club by touching "Select Club" tab in the top left center.
  • Shots will track in different colors, you can see the on-screen comparison of different clubs.
    Poor shots can be removed by simply tapping "X" next to the shot data or by going into "All Shots" tab in the upper left corner.
  • The camera angle of the shots can be toggled by tapping on the upper right tab.
  • At any time during the game you can select a new club, change your target, or quit and select a new game mode.

Closest to Pin 


Designed to challenge golfers with accuracy — the goal being a Hole in One (HIO) on a short par 3 hole Great for: Millennial social seekers, families, competitors and the golf purist. The game mode includes a virtual bounce and is paired to a local and global leaderboard.

  • Players are only eligible for the leaderboard if they have logged in with the Toptracer app.
  • Each player will get three consecutive shots with the goal of hitting their ball closest to the pin for the set distance. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SELECT YOUR TARGET FOR THE CENTER POINT USING THE RANGE MAP. Closest to the pin wins.

Longest Drive


Who can hit the farthest? This game lets guests settle the argument once and for all by turning the range in a proper long drive grid for up to eight players. Great for: All around golfers and competitors, millennial social seekers, kids and families.

  • Allows players to compete against each other in a long drive competition.
  • This game mode lets each player hit three balls consecutively then starts a new game.
  • The range is virtually slimmed down to a narrower grid for accuracy. Any balls landing outside the narrow grid will count as "out of bounds".
  • Each ball hit will show distance, ball speed, and carry.
  • While playing this game it is extremely important to be sure to check your Range Map to confirm you are aiming at the correct target.
  • The game provides a mulligan option if you want to try a shot again.

Points Game


A game for up to 8 players, allowing players to compete with one another for points based on the distance the ball lands from the target, and the distance of the target from the bay. 

Great for: Millennial social seekers, kids, and families

  • The further the distance and closest to the center, the more points you score.
  • This game uses virtual rings that appear around the targets on the range.
  • Four rings per target; two rounds; three shots per round to determine the winner.
  • If the ball lands in the ring it will score. If it lands outside of the ring it will have a second chance (virtual bounce and roll) that will allow the player to score points inside the target.
  • Any ball that lands outside of the target area counts as 0
  • A quick and fun way for players to turn their range time into a competition

Virtual Golf


An opportunity to play some of the world's greatest golf courses right from your bays. Individuals and groups can play a full 18 holes without ever having to leave your range.

Great for: Golfers and competitors, millennial social seekers,

  • The games can be played in stroke, scramble or match play. This game includes a handicap mode, which allows none, sloped, and manual.
  • Select the number of mulligans per player.
  • Check Range Map to confirm you are aiming at the correct target.
  • Golfers take turns making their way towards the green.
  • When in putting range (35 yards from pin), the player will have an option (between close target to chip for final score of the hole). This does not include a bounce and roll. There are currently.
  • 13 virtual golf courses available to experience.

Approach Challenge


The inaugural 9-shot challenge was equally addictive and challenging but now your guests will be able to practice those same approach shots varying from 70-150 yards anytime they want. Guests will see the new game mode listed at the bottom of the menu.

Great for: Golfers who want to test their range skills.

  • Score is determined by distance to the pin. Shots that miss the green will be penalized with additional distance.
  • Skills-based competition
  • Lowest score across nine total holes wins
  • Each yard from the pin counts as one point

Go Fish


Get ready for a thrilling golfing adventure with 'Go Fish!'! Earn stars by catching rare fish from the depths of the ocean. Collect the different species in your aquarium, and if you are skilled enough you might even get a trophy catch!

Great for: Golfers of all ages. Non-competitive.

  • Single round of the game is 24 shots. Shots can be taken by one or all players in the bay
  • There are 26 different species of creatures
  • Every 6th shot is a bonus shot where the player can catch more than one fish and/or score more points for the team.
  • If a child or beginner is struggling, they can hit "Help
    Shot" and a trace will appear on the screen and catch a
  • Aquarium — players/groups who log into the Toptracer bay can see what fish they caught during the game by going to the aquarium, and their collection is maintained between sessions.

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